AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

A Photometric Study of the Eclipsing Binary BO Leporis

Volume 50 number 2 (2022)

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Edward J. Michaels
Waffelow Creek Observatory, 10780 FM 1878, Nacogdoches, TX 75961; astroed@ejmj.net


Multi-band photometric observations of the Algol-type binary BO Lep are presented. The visual light curve displays a 1.7-magnitude deep primary eclipse and a shallow 0.2-magnitude secondary eclipse. Photometric light curve solutions were obtained using the Wilson-Devinney program which describe a semidetached configuration with a mass ratio of M2 / M1 = 0.510, an inclination of i = 86.7°, and a temperature difference of ΔT = 2042 K between the F2 and K3 component stars. The filling factor for the primary star is 72% and 99% for the secondary. A small asymmetry in the light curves was modeled with a cool spot located on the secondary star. New linear and quadratic ephemerides were computed, giving an orbital period of 0.80625824 d that is decreasing at a rate of –1.55 × 10^–7 d yr^–1.