AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

Differential Photometry of Eclipsing Binary System V798 Her in Globular Cluster NGC 6341 (Abstract)

Volume 49 number 1 (2021)

Khola Anees
Department of Space Science, Institute of Space Technology, Pakistan
Shaukat Naaman Goderya
Tarleton State University, 137 Shadow Creek Lane, Aledo, TX 76008; sngoderya@gmail.com
Fazeel Mahmood Khan
Institute of Space Technology, Pakistan


(Abstract only) We present the photometric study of an eclipsing binary star, V798 Her, in the globular cluster NGC 6341. The observations were obtained in Johnson B, V, and R filters using an 0.8-m Tarleton telescope and a CCD photometer. The observed light curves after the determination of light elements show that V798 Her is a W UMa contact binary system with a period of 0.2951110 day. Wilson Devinney Mathematical Model (2017 version) was used for the analysis and for obtaining the photometric solution of V798 Her.