AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

GW Lib and V386 Ser: CVs Containing Accreting, Pulsating White Dwarfs (Abstract)

Volume 49 number 1 (2021)

Paula Szkody
Department of Astronomy, University of Washington, Box 351580, Seattle, WA 98195; Szkody@uw.edu


(Abstract only) There are now 18 cataclysmic variables in which the white dwarf is known to be pulsating. This provides a unique opportunity to monitor the interior of the white dwarf when a dwarf nova outburst occurs and heats the white dwarf. Theory predicts the pulsations should stop when the white dearf moves out of its instability strip, and then resume at shorter pulsation periods which gradually grow as the white dwarf cools back to quiescence. We have tested this theory with optical and UV data on GW Lib and V386 Ser and find strange behavior in GW Lib while V386 Ser appears to follow the theory so far. AAVSO data contributed to both these projects and we encourage further monitoring until these systems return to quiescence.