AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

Times of Minima for Eclipsing Binaries 2017–2020 from Stellar Skies Observatories and 2004–2009 SuperWasp Data Mining

Volume 49 number 1 (2021)

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Edward O. Wiley
Live Oaks Observatory, Stellar Skies LLC, Pontotoc, TX; ewiley@suddenlink.net
E. Whit Ludington
Caliche Observatory, Stellar Skies LLC, Pontotoc, TX; whit.ludington@gmail.com


A total of 96 times of minima (ToMs) are reported for 68 eclipsing binary systems from our observations and 134 times of minima for 12 of these eclipsing binaries collected by SuperWasp data mining. We discuss our data mining criteria for minimum timing and remark on the value of data mining for filling in ToM histories.