AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

Observations of the Suspected Variable Star Ross 114 (NSV 13523)

Volume 47 number 1 (2019)

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Sriram Gollapudy
Yerkes Observatory, P.O. Box 0369, Williams Bay, WI (High school research student from Brookfield Academy, Brookfield, Wisconsin. Now at Duke University); sriram.gollapudy@duke.edu
Wayne Osborn
Yerkes Observatory, P.O. Box 0369, Williams Bay, WI; Wayne.Osborn@cmich.edu


A study of the suspected variable star Ross 114 (NSV 13523) has been carried out. The star is confirmed to be a variable with an amplitude of about 2.5 magnitudes in B. Photometry and light curves from CCD images and archival photographic plates are presented. The observations show the star is a long period variable with a period of about 296 days.