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Analysis of Pulsating Components in the Eclipsing Binary Systems LT Herculis, RZ Microscopii, LY Puppis, V632 Scorpii, and V638 Scorpii

Volume 44 number 1 (2016)

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Margaret Streamer
Variable Stars South; 3 Lupin Place, Murrumbateman, NSW 2582, Australia; email: m.stream@bigpond.com
Terry Bohlsen
Variable Stars South; Mirranook, Armidale, NSW 2350, Australia.
Yenal Ogmen
Variable Stars South; P.O. Box 756, Nicosia, North Cyprus via Mersin 10, Turkey


Eclipsing binary stars are especially valuable for studies of stellar evolution. If pulsating components are also present then the stellar interior can be studied using asteroseismology techniques. We present photometric data and the analysis of the δ Scuti pulsations that we have discovered in five eclipsing binary systems. The systems are: LT Herculis, RZ Microscopii, LY Puppis, V632 Scorpii and V638 Scorpii. The dominant pulsation frequencies range between 13 – 29 cycles per day with semi-amplitudes of 4 – 20 millimagnitudes.