AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

A Crowd Sourced Light Curve for SN 2014G (Abstract)

Volume 42 number 2 (2014)

John C. Martin
University of Illinois at Springfield, One University Plaza, MS HSB 314, Springfield, IL 62704; jmart5@uis.edu


(Abstract only) SN 2014G was initially classified as a Type IIn (CBET 3787) and was later revealed to be a Type II-L (ATEL 5935). In addition to having an interesting classification, it was also relatively bright, nearby (peak V ~14.3), and easy to observe with a small- to moderate-sized telescope. We mounted a cooperative effort open to both professional and non-professional observers with the goal of producing a light curve that could accurately measure variations in brightness of 0.1 magnitude with a cadence of one every two days or better. Simply collecting measured magnitudes often results in a light curve with systematic offsets between independent contributors. To minimize that effect without burdening the volunteer observers with too many additional requirements, we collected calibrated images and processed them uniformly to produce the light curve.