AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

Algorithms + Observations = VStar

Volume 40 number 2 (2012)

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David Benn
73 Second Avenue, Klemzig, South Australia; dbenn@computer.org


VStar is a multi-platform, free, open source application for visualizing and analyzing time-series data. It is primarily intended for use with variable star observations, permitting light curves and phase plots to be created, viewed in tabular form, and filtered. Period search and model creation are supported. Wavelet-based time-frequency analysis permits change in period over time to be investigated. Data can be loaded from the AAVSO International Database or files of various formats. vstar's feature set can be expanded via plug-ins, for example, to read Kepler mission data. This article explores vstar's beginnings from a conversation with Arne Henden in 2008 to its development since 2009 in the context of the AAVSO's Citizen Sky Project. Science examples are provided and anticipated future directions are outlined.