AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

Preparations for Study of Two Suspected Variables: WW UMa and CV UMa (Abstract)

Volume 32 number 1 (2004)

Paul Temple


(Abstract only) WW UMa and CV UMa are variables about which little is known. CV UMa is listed in the AAVSO Variable Star Atlas as a Mira star, and WW UMa is listed as unknown, though it is likely a long period variable of some sort. A study of these two stars is definitely needed. Data from the various star catalogs are sometimes conflicting. Information from the AAVSO as well as several catalogs was put together to begin the study of these stars. Finder and comparison charts were prepared from USNO-B as well as Hipparchos, Tycho, and the Guide Star Catalogue using Guide 7 software. Comparision stars were chosen using B–V colors bewteen 0.3–1.0 checked by USNO-B formulae as well as the other catalogs. Observations will be made once a night, weather permitting, by a TASS Mark IV telescope located in Flagstaff, AZ in V and R bands. From this, a preliminary light curve will be produced and much needed information will be generated.