AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

Correlation of Successive Maxima in Mira, chi Cygni, R Leonis, and R Hydrae

Volume 32 number 1 (2004)

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Costantino Sigismondi


An anaylsis was done of the maxima of Mira, Chi Cygni, R Leonis, and R Hydrae, four Mira-type variable stars chosen from among those studied by Argelander in 1839. A negative correlation between the luminosity of consecuitve maxima was found, except for R Hya, M(i+1) - M(i) vs. M(i) yields a correlation index of r2 = 0.6 for Mira and Chi Cyg, r2 = 0.44 for R Leo, and r2 = 0.25 for R Hya. Data analyzed range from the discovery of Mira (1596) to the present time; they include AAVSO data, and there are from 90( RHya) to 179 (Mira Ceti) pairs of consecutive maxima.