AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

OW Geminorum: Visual Observations of the 2002 Eclipse

Volume 32 number 1 (2004)

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Sergio Foglia


124 visual observations of the long period eclipsing binary OW Geminorum were obtained by 10 AAVSO observers during its 2002 eclipse. Time of minimum was computed using the Tintagel computer program (Gaspani 1995). A least squares linear regression was applied to O-C values and the obtained slope confirms the known ephemeris Min(i) = JD 2415779.0 (±0.4) + 1258.59 E (± 0.03). Another least squares linear regression was applied only to the O-C values given by direct observations since its discovery (1988) and the following new ephemeris is suggested: Min(i) = JD 2452278.0880 (±0.9221) + 1258.6815 E (±0.0260).