AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

Visual Observations of Nine Neglected Southern Long Period Variables

Volume 25 number 2 (1997)

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Thomas A. Cragg
19 Belar Street


Visual light curves of the author's observations are pesented for the following nine neglected Southern long period Mira- and Semiregular-type variables: U For, YY Cen, TW Sco, GH Ara, RZ Pav, SY Sco, DF Pav, BR Tuc, and RU Phe. Values for O-C and M-m and visual ranges are also given, as are new periods for YY Cen (365 d), DF Pav (~180 d), and BR Tuc (~218 d). The author's results are compared with those values in the General Catalogue of Variable Stars (GCVS).