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Proposal #153

Proposer (3423) Jeremy Shears (bunburyobservatory@hotmail.com) obscode: SFY
Assigned To(3663) Dirk Terrell
Date SubmittedOct. 3, 2020

I am organising a campaign to observe the next superoutburst of IX Dra, due early November 2020. This is to updated the super cycle ephemeral in combination with TESS data. I would like one obs per night until end 2020. This is sufficient cadence to identity the next superoutburst. Ideally V, using SRO and BSM, but will be guided by Arne.

Target RA (H.HH) Dec (D.DD) Magnitude Telescope Observation Frequency Expiration Date Proprietary Term
IX Dra 18.208611 67.07917 18.8–14.7 SRO 1 Dec. 31, 2020 No


(4726) Kenneth Menzies — Oct. 6, 2020, 2:27 p.m.


Another observer has asked for the same plan per your campaign notice. Is it reasonable for him to generate the photometry for you and put in AID where you could check? Or would you like to do photometry yourself. Could send images to both of you as well?


PS: Waiting for approval.

(3663) Dirk Terrell — Oct. 7, 2020, 1:21 p.m.

Arne suggests we put this one on SRO.

(4726) Kenneth Menzies — Oct. 9, 2020, 5:08 p.m.

Test plan committed to SRO and NH2.

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